Paper Types

Meadow paper is used to make all your stationery out of and Elite is what you can buy within the shop as blank sheets.

Let’s talk about them in a bit more detail…


A new addition to to add growth to my business! I have worked endlessly to ensure all my materials including paper are produced in the UK. 

This quality white seeded paper has over 15 different types of wildflower seeds. Produced specifically for me by a local artisan papermill, it is not mass produced and every sheet is air dried. To ensure it keeps a high germination rate.

After testing this paper, it started to sprout after only 4/5 days.



Elite paper is a premium quality seed paper embedded with 3 different wildflower seeds.

Unlike the meadow paper, this is machine dried, so the germination rate usually takes longer, this can take a few weeks to start showing signs.  

It has a lovely soft texture, 200 GSM off white and perfect for making cards.



On how to plant you seed paper please visit the Planting Guide