A collection of A La KArt Creations loyalty cards, promoting their Loyalty Program which you can enter into with each purchase made.

Loyalty Program

Let us take your customer experience to the next level...

Having loyal customers is what makes us successful, and we value all of your support and feedback.

Providing you with something back is what we intend to do as a way to enhance your customer experience with us. Therefore, we are excited to announce that our loyalty program for rewards & offers has now begun.

How does it work?

For every order you make with us moving forward, you will receive a personalised plantable loyalty card in your package.

For every 3 orders you make with us in a 12-month period, we will send you an exclusive offer after the 3rd order has been placed.

These offers will be based on your previous orders. We will tailor the offer/reward to fit your individual needs. We will always give you a choice of a few options.

There are several options available - a discount code to use on your next purchase, a free item you can redeem, or even extras to accommodate a future purchase.

For instance, if you order 100 business cards, we would advise you that you could add X amount more to that order for free, if that was a desirable option. Or if you just order the occasional card from us, you can claim a free card. We have something for everyone. 

You will be able to redeem the offer once you have placed orders 1, 2, and 3.

Once you reach this milestone, it will reset, so you can reach it again the next time.

In the event that you place a fourth paid order using your discount code or claim free additional items, we will count this order towards your next milestone. Therefore, you will only be required to place another two orders after this to qualify for the second offer.

Redeeming free gifts alone will not count as a 4th order, so you would still need to place another 3 orders to qualify for your next offer.

All 3 orders must be placed within a 12-month period to qualify. This will start from the date you place your first order. If it takes over 12 months, any progress will be reset. However, any unused offers that have already been claimed will not expire, so feel free to use them whenever is best for you. Only 1 offer can be used per order.

One of the most convenient perks is that you will not need to keep track of your orders. This is because we will have them documented on file. Once you have qualified for a reward we will contact you directly after the third order has been invoiced, provided you give us your email address.

Keep an eye out for an email in your inbox from us reaching out with a selection of offers to choose from.