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An image of Kitti, the founder of A La KArt Creations, placing a plantable product tag into the ground where it will grow into wildflowers.


We strive to live a more conscious, sustainable lifestyle. With this in mind, we decided to make our own cards and stationery with wildflower-seeded paper, so instead of needless paper waste with cards ending up in the bin you can plant them instead and watch them grow, whilst giving back to nature and saving our bee population.

A range of A La KArt Creations plantable stationery, promoting the ability to have made to order products.

Made to order

The products we offer and the paper they are made from are all made to order. We never mass produce, avoiding unnecessary waste. Care and precision is applied to every order, whether you order 1 card or 1000, each one is checked to ensure it's perfect! If it’s not perfect we shred it up and use it as package filler, nothing goes to waste !

A range of A La KArt Creations plantable wedding stationery, promoting their offerings across their business.

What we offer

We are constantly looking at creative and innovative ways to develop our brand, not only in physical products but also in downloadable content and services. Whether you need a gift, stationery for business or weddings, or even educational resources and services, we have you covered.

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A gift from us, to you

Specifically designed for our clients purchasing Business Stationery, or those shopping for loved ones through our plantable Gifts & Cards, with every order you place, you will receive a personalised plantable loyalty card, providing you with the opportunity to gain exclusive tailored offers.

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