Welcome to your planting guide, the guide that will teach you exactly how to plant your plantable products and help them grow into beautiful wildflowers.

First of all, please don’t get disheartened if your shoots haven’t come out. I want your experience to be 100% positive with my plantable products, however, I cannot control your growing conditions to ensure the paper/seed bombs you plant sprouts into a healthy garden of flowers, but I can give you some tips.

There are lots of factors to consider when you are growing from seeds. Temperature, moisture, air, and light conditions must be correct for seeds to germinate. I can assure you that the paper is embedded with live seeds. It has been tested by me several times, it does sprout and grow, which I am constantly showcasing in the gallery and in my social media feed.

Please be patient because some seeds take days, but some could take weeks to germinate. If it did not work the first time, please do keep trying as you have a chance to grow something wonderful and support our bee population. Let’s get started…

Your planting guide tip 1: Showing an image of a plantpot and plastic bag to create a mini greenhouse

Tip 1

Place a compostable or biodegradable see-through bag over the plant pot (please don’t do this if you are using biodegradable pots) to create a greenhouse effect.

Make sure to leave enough air to flow through, otherwise your paper will rot. This could make your germination a bit faster plus the bag keeps the moisture in so you would not need to water it as often. 

Your planting guide step 2: Showing a watering can watering the plantable paper in a plant pot

Tip 2

If you do not have a bag keep checking the soil with your finger to make sure it is not drying out and keep watering it every day. 

Your planting guide tip 3: Showing the perfect placement of your mini greenhouse, infront of a sunny window

Tip 3

Best to put the pot onto your warmest windowsill away from radiator heat, but please note seedlings do not have the strength to survive a brief drought so try to keep your window shut.

Your planting guide final stage, view the gallery of happy customers and the wildflowers in full bloom

In Full Bloom

Click here to view the gallery full of images taken by my customers of their wildflower seed bombs & seeded paper beginning to bloom and in full bloom.

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