Our Exclusive Premium UK Seed Paper

Our Exclusive Premium UK Seed Paper

For years, we have experimented with a variety of different seed papers, the majority of which were sourced from overseas and did not meet our desired standards. These papers had an insufficient number of seeds and a lack of GSM thickness, making it impossible to attain the desired card thickness and severely lacking in germination rate. So we often get asked if seed paper actually works, and our response to that is, the right paper does!

We have the right paper!

What makes our paper different?

After all our testing we have discovered the perfect paper that meets all our expectations, from printing, displaying, through to growing. We are incredibly proud to say it is made exclusively for us here in the UK, from a UK papermill, in fact, all elements of our products are 100% UK Based and eco-friendly which has the added bonus of reducing the carbon footprint.

We promise to always provide the highest quantity of seeds available without compromising the paper's quality. We check every individual sheet to ensure it is nothing less than perfect for your products. If a sheet is lacking in seeds, we shred it up and use it for packing filler, nothing goes to waste here!

  • Up to 280gsm to give top-quality card thickness.
  • Embedded with 20 different UK native wildflower seeds.
  • Our paper is not mass-produced but made to order when required.
  • All orders are made from fresh batches and never from old stock.
  • Every sheet is air-dried to ensure the highest possible germination rate.
  • Your products will never be lacking in seeds.
A La KArt Creations premium, exclusive, uk seed paper, shown within their range of plantable wedding stationery

Samples & Test Prints

We can provide samples upon request and always include test prints with each order as part of our service. We strive to ensure customers are completely satisfied with the designs they have either selected or supplied, and our premium paper will not fail to impress.

Seed Paper Growth

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Planting Guide

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