What sort of seeds are embedded in the paper?

At the moment I source paper embedded with Poppy, Daisy or a mixture of Wildflower seeds, but there will be lot more variety in the future.

What sort of seeds are in the wildflower seeds bombs?

The paper pulp is mixed with dried flower petals or lavender, embedded with good quality UK wildflower seeds like Foxglove, Ragged Robin, Daisy, Wildflower mix, Poppy or Lavender, all supports the bee population.

When should I plant my card or wildflower seed bombs?

Plant inside any time within a year. Best to plant outside in Spring or Autumn.

How do I plant my card or wildflower seed bombs?

Each wildflower seed bombs order has planting instructions included. On the cards the instructions are printed on the back.

  1. Soak the flower bombs/seed paper well in water first.
  2. Plant the soaked flower bombs/seed paper under 1 cm soil and keep them well watered and place it in a nice sunny spot.
  3. Once you see some shoots, allow them to get stronger before plant outside in Spring or Autumn. (Germination normally happens in 2-3 weeks)

Do the wildflower seed bombs/cards have to be planted within a certain time?

My suggestion would be to plant them within a year if you can. If you are ordering a large quantity of wedding favours, place the order maximum 6 months before the wedding so that your guests can have at least 6 months to plant them. I can complete bulk order within 3 weeks so you can order a few months before your big day. For more details, please email hello@alakartcreations.co.uk.

Is your packaging 100% eco-friendly?

All my individual cards are come in a biodegradable bag and a non-bend recycled envelope, so your card does not get damaged on the way.

Your wildflower seed bombs are packaged in recycled large letter mailer box packed with tissue paper. The bombs can be packaged in organza bags, which is reusable or biodegradable glassine envelopes, if you choose that option in the shop.

All of my thank you cards, stickers and planting instructions are made from recycled paper.

Can my card be customised?

Yes, certainly. Please leave a message by the products page to personalise the wording on your card or get in touch at hello@alakartcreations.co.uk.

Can my card be sent straight onto my loved ones?

Yes, of course. I can handwrite the wording you wish to send them. Please leave a message at the checkout with the address or email me at hello@alakartcreations.co.uk.

Can you do bulk or wholesale orders?

Yes, of course. Please email hello@alakartcreations.co.uk with your enquiry. Estimated turnaround time 2-3 weeks.