Seed Paper Printing Made Easy

Seed Paper Printing Made Easy

Seed paper has become a highly sought-after option for companies and small businesses wanting to reduce their paper waste to become more sustainable.

It's a win-win for the environment and your brand image!

At A La KArt Creations, we specialise in printing eco-friendly business cards, wedding invitations, and other stationery products on our very own British-made seed paper since 2020.

What is Seed Paper?

Seed paper is made from wood or cotton pulp which is then mixed with a specific seed mix to provide you with “living” seed paper perfect for eco-friendly marketing promotional products. It's fully recyclable and biodegradable.

We've Tested Extensively to Find the Best Seed Paper!

Many countries outside of the UK have begun producing seed paper, and although this sounds great, we do suggest taking some caution. The cost of these papers is significantly lower to buy in, mainly due to the different processes and the conditions used in production and storage.
For example, manufacturers that use “machine drying” will heavily affect the paper’s germination rate.

We have done many tests, with many different seed paper sheets, from many different suppliers, with many disappointing outcomes, all based on the information you have just read.

There's nothing worse than paying for something that doesn't fulfill its purpose.
Yes, they will still have an element of recycling and eco-friendliness to it, but when it comes to planting, nothing grows well or at all.

So why would you buy something, that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to?
We were not happy with what we had seen and made sure we didn’t stop until we had the best-performing paper!

What Makes Our Seed Paper Different?

In 2020 we found what we believe to be the PERFECT plantable paper in the UK.

Our paper is exclusively made for us in the UK using only UK wildflower seeds and no germination-effecting processes are undergone in the production stage, which shows in the quality, as after only 4 days, the paper will start to germinate with several little sprouts. Providing our planting instructions are followed, you will then have blooming wildflowers without question.

Ox eye daises growing from our seed paper

Our paper is made to order for us when we place an order for it, and not before, which means, the products you receive from us are the freshest they can be and never old stock.
It’s not bought in bulk and then stored in a warehouse abroad for weeks maybe months, and then shipped over to the UK.

Ours comes directly from the producer, once it's ready, it comes straight to us, which also helps reduce your company's carbon footprint.

It’s produced, delivered, printed, and sent out to you, a finished product within days.

Wildflower seed paper embedded with 20 different wildflower seeds

Printing on Seed Paper Shouldn't Be Difficult…But It Is.

Printing on plantable seed paper isn't as simple as printing on some generic A4 office printer paper. There is much more to it that goes unseen.

Because this paper is embedded with wildflower seeds, its unique texture is incompatible with most printers. We speak from experience, having sacrificed five printers before figuring out a way to print on it successfully.

That's why we focus on offering finished products made from our seed paper rather than selling the paper unprinted for you. We understand the challenges of printing on this unique material, and we don't want you to experience the stress of replacing printers or wasting paper. By offering finished products, we ensure you get the beauty and sustainability of seed paper without the printing headaches.

We Take Pride In Every Print

We often get new customers daily coming to us for our plantable products, but some do have their guard up before purchasing, which we understand completely, new customers might be hesitant to commit at first if they have had bad experiences in the seed paper printing market.

That's why with every order, we carefully test-print your design and discuss all options with you before any payment or printing takes place.

We guarantee you'll never receive blurry prints, wonky cuts, illegible text, or streaky backgrounds – common worries we have heard from new customers based on their past experiences elsewhere. These mistakes are unacceptable, so we take pride in our customer care, perfecting the printing and ordering process, for crisp, clear & consistent designs on every sheet. So you can focus on the joy of giving a sustainable and beautiful product and not have to worry about the what-ifs involved with printing.

square shaped plantable seed paper business card with QR code

Stress-Free Design with Our Customisable Stationery Templates

We know designing your seed paper business cards, wedding invitations, or other stationery can be time-consuming, and having the right tools is key. We have designed easy-to-use templates for business cards, order thank-you cards and candle dust covers to help you create professional-looking custom designs in minutes for businesses of all sizes.
Simply send us your logo and brand details, and we'll handle the rest. So you can save time and focus on what matters – running your business and crafting a seamless brand experience that strengthens customer trust and sustainability, from order to delivery.

Effortless design, professional results! Browse our template collection and get started building towards a greener brand today.

Seed Paper Stationery Printing: Our Commitment to You

  • Expert Printing Made Easy: We handle the printing complexities, ensuring beautiful results on every project. We'll save you time and frustration in searching for a paper that germinates well, the way it's supposed to.
  • Unmatched Sustainability: With our exclusive British-made seed paper. We are the only business in the UK, that offers paper embedded with 20 different varieties of UK wildflower seeds.
  • Our paper undergoes strict quality control, ensuring only the best quality sheets are printed.
  • Impeccable Printing Quality Checks: We meticulously inspect every individual seed paper product after printing, ensuring only crisp designs and flawless results.
  • Design Preview & Approval: We test your design beforehand to ensure everything looks perfect before and after printing, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Functional QR Codes: We seamlessly integrate and test QR codes on your seed paper prints, ensuring flawless scanning for a smooth user experience.
  • Germination-Boosting Design Tips: Our expert advice helps you optimise your design for maximum seed growth, ensuring your message blooms alongside beautiful wildflowers.

Skip the printer headaches and embrace sustainable marketing.
Choose A La KArt Creations for stress-free seed paper printing.

Great quality products & brilliant customer service.
I'm so pleased I found Kitti at A La Kart Creations. She was so helpful right from the first time I contacted her. She answered all my questions and gave great advice. She's very knowledgeable. I have had compliments about the stationery from customers as well as friends and family. I will definitely use A La Kart Creations again. Thank you so much.” 

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Exceptional Customer Care

“Wonderful experience with this shop. Kitti assisted me through the entire process with patience and professionalism. Highly recommend. And, I love my cards!”


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