A range of A La KArt Creations plantable greetings cards and gifts, feautring plantable calendars, bookmarks, and greeting cards, laid out on a wooden backdrop.

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New journey begins…

My name is Kitti and I enjoy growing my own flowers and tomatoes at the top of a hill in Kent. I'm currently juggling between being in a full-time job as a Senior Marketing Executive, and an owner of my small eco-friendly business A La KArt Creations.

I have three main passions, which are watercolour painting, gardening, and cooking, so one day I thought why not combine them. I discovered watercolour painting nearly 3 years ago and I had no idea how much it will affect my life. I have started to look at nature and its colours in a different way, which has made me more aware of how beautiful things are often missed around us. Along this journey I have gained more confidence and a new direction in life.
Back in April, due to lockdown I could not go to the garden centre like I used to, to pick up my usual flowers to make my garden look nice with. Instead I had to find an alternative. I have bought loads of herbs and flower seeds and planted them into pots. I realised it brought me so much joy and happiness to see them grow that I wanted to bring in this exciting new experiment to my brand as well.

I want to live a more conscious, sustainable life and with this in mind, I have started to get frustrated with the number of cards end up in the bin as we can't keep them all right?! I have decided to look into an eco-friendly option, which led me to find the plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Since the launch I never looked back, people just loving the idea, that they can give a card and gift at the same time. I also wanted to make most of my cards made to order, so people can customise the wording to suit their needs, to make it even more special.

As I am a huge bee-lover and I would like to help to increase their population in as many way as I can, I'm constantly thinking of developing new products so I can offer a wide variety of plantable products for people, who are looking for an eco-friendly gift to give to their friends and family for birthdays, Christmas or just because they want to let them know that they are thinking of them.

My latest editions to the shop are wildflower seed bombs. They make the perfect favours for people having baby showers or weddings soon and want to surprise their guests with a more meaningful gift. It could also make an excellent thank you gift for your customers to make them feel even more appreciated, if you are a small business owner.

Coloured by plant based dye
Through a love of creating plantable bee-friendly products, I hope to spread the joy and happiness that comes from sharing gifts, planting seeds, and watching them grow. I am passionate towards encouraging people to consider buying more eco-friendly products, supporting our wildlife ecosystem, and providing a positive environmental impact on our planet.

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