A La KArt Creations plantable products, shown whilst being placed into the ground ready to be planted and allowed to grow into beautiful wildflowers.

The journey continues

My name is Kitti, I'm the founder of A La Kart Creations. I'm an enthusiast of watercolour painting, gardening, and food, and I put all of these passions together to birth this business.

I've been dabbling with watercolour for almost 3 years, and it has drastically impacted and changed my life for the better. This art gave me insight into the beauty of nature and all the small things that often go unnoticed. This new perspective has helped me to blossom with newfound confidence and purpose.

The Covid-19 pandemic posed a great challenge to the world, and I'm no exception; nonetheless, I persisted in April 2020 and established this company.

Contemplating how to use all my at-home time, I decided to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Being a passionate bee-lover, I also wanted to aid in their population growth, and what is a better way than to start a home garden? I used to love visiting my local garden centre and choosing flowers and plants, establishing and nurturing them in my garden. Watching them slowly sprout and blossom was an immense pleasure.

But being stuck indoors only grew my frustrations, until then I had been designing birthday and gift cards with my watercolour painting designs as a hobby but realised that many of my cards would end up in the bin after the occasion had passed, which is such a waste of materials.

Exploring more eco-friendly options, I stumbled upon plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds, prompting me to consider the potential of creating plantable cards. As someone who had never seen such an item before, it was an exciting experience.

Since launching my eco-friendly brand, I have never looked back. My concept of delivering cards with a gift while also promoting environmentalism through eco-friendly gifts resonates with people.

We have evolved and expanded our product range, offering a wide variety of plantable products for any occasion.

In June 2022, I left my full-time job to dedicate myself to building this brand, which has become a blooming business. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to help the environment and provide eco-friendly gifts to all our clients on a full-time basis.

Planting seed paper

Fast Forward to late 2022…

A La Kart Creations has evolved further, with my partner joining in December to help fulfil our ambitions. We offer a variety of goods and are now accepting wholesale orders.

From birthday to business cards, plus calendars and candle dust covers, we have something for everyone.

We have plenty of exciting news still to come, with the launch of our wedding stationary line and our educational services to be announced in the not-so-distant future.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who has joined us on this journey, and we thank you all for your continued support towards a more sustainable future.