A La KArt Creations exclusive seed paper, laid out on a wooden backdrop with wildflowers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plantable Seed Paper

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plantable Seed Paper

Seed paper is quite simply paper that has been embedded with seeds so that you can plant after use, which makes it a perfect option for wedding & business stationery or even for gifts and cards. When the paper is planted, it safely decomposes back into the earth leaving the seeds to grow and bloom. So not only does it act as a card or a stationery product but a gift as well all rolled into one.

In this blog, we will go through on some of the positive reasons why seed paper can really make a difference and why you should use it.

A La KArt Creations exclusive seed paper, laid out on a wooden backdrop with wildflowers.


1. Sustainability

Seed paper is a 100% eco-friendly option as it is made from recycled materials and has a low carbon footprint. Our paper is exclusively made for us in the UK, from a UK papermill and it is not mass-produced. Completely biodegradable so once the product has served its purpose it can be planted and grows into wildflowers, rather than being thrown away.

So not only does it make for great gifts or stationery but it also gives back to nature.

2. Native Plants

Seed paper is available from multiple different countries but be careful where you get it from as some papers being imported from overseas may not germinate as well as expected.

For example our paper contains over 20 different UK Native wildflower seeds.

Which has been tried and tested and the results are fantastic, providing the correct planting instructions have been followed.

A range of wildflowers that can be grown from A La KArt Creations exclusive seed paper.

3. Easy to Plant

Seed paper is very easy to plant but to ensure your plantable products grow into a healthy garden of flowers you should follow these helpful tips.

  • Step 1 - Tear up the paper into smaller chunks, soak them well in water for a few seconds.
  • Step 2 - Plant the soaked paper under a very thin layer of soil, and water them each day to keep the soil moist, but don't over water them. Place it in the sunniest, warmest spot in the house.
  • Step 3 - Once you see some shoots, allow them to get stronger before planting outside in Spring or Autumn. 

Remember there are many factors to consider when you are growing the seeds.

Temperature, moisture, air, and light conditions must all be considered for the seeds to germinate to their full potential. If you don’t look after them the results may be disappointing.

4. Giving back to Nature

From the healthy flowers & plants you have grown you will be helping our bee population as it will provide them with just what they need to survive.

The more people switch to seeded paper the better it will become for them and other wildlife creatures.

5. They Look Fantastic & Suit Any Occasion

Seed paper can serve as a unique and memorable gift or promotional item as it can be personalised for any occasion such as wedding invites, business cards, birthday cards, or even funerals. The versatility they offer knows no bounds. There is something for everyone and on any occasion, they add more meaning to these occasions because we all know normal products like these end up in the bin, but the added incentive of growing from the product really fits any scenario.

A range of seed paper products, handmade by A La KArt Creations, featuring the 'Terracotta' themed wedding range.

These are just 5 reasons why seed paper is so popular but still not as popular as it should be. We feel very passionately about what we can offer as a business and we could talk to you for days about our paper, and the products they can become. But for now, we will leave you with these 5 tips and we hope if you haven’t thought about seeded paper products before, that you will now.