Our Wedding Stationery Journey and a Successful Wedding Fair Debut

Our Wedding Stationery Journey and a Successful Wedding Fair Debut

Two years ago, we embarked on an exciting journey to create wedding stationery from seed paper. After a complete website overhaul to match our vision, we proudly introduced our wedding stationery line in August 2023.

Here's a look at our journey and our recent experience at our first wedding fair:

Diverse Product Line

We've developed five unique themes, each offering ten exquisite products. From "Save the Dates" to "Thank You Cards" and even charming wedding favours, our seed paper stationery covers all your wedding moments.

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

Initially hesitant about participating in a wedding fair, we received a last-minute opportunity thanks to our friend, Helen who runs All Said & Done. The event was held at The Bell in Ticehurst, and despite our initial doubts - purely because it was a bit out of our comfort zone - we seized the chance.

All Said and Done and A La KArt Creations collaboration

Effective Presentation

A striking first impression is crucial at a busy wedding fair. Our booth combined natural elements like wood with our distinctive seed paper, inviting couples to explore our plantable wedding stationery.

Innovative Information Sharing

To make it easy for potential clients to reconnect, we created biodegradable bags filled with shredded paper, featuring a plantable tag with a QR code. This clever approach ensured easy follow-ups after the event.

Passionate Showcase

The wedding fair was a platform to share our love for seed paper and explain why it's an eco-friendly, memorable alternative to traditional paper. Beyond its uniqueness, our paper offers a sustainable option that guests can plant and cherish.

Plantable Wedding Stationery

Unique Format

This wedding fair stood out because it featured only one supplier per category, reducing competition pressures. It allowed us to shine without distractions.

Cherished Freebies

Couples appreciated our freebies, a collaboration with Helen, featuring personalised seed paper tags and lid tops for her scented wax melts and candles. This combination was a hit.

The Bell: A Perfect Venue

The Bell in Ticehurst provided the ideal backdrop for our maiden wedding fair experience. Its welcoming and intimate atmosphere allowed us to have meaningful one-to-one conversations with couples without any rush or interruptions.

Seeding the Future

This wedding fair was just the beginning. The positive response and love for our seed paper stationery has fuelled our enthusiasm to participate in more fairs. We look forward to sharing our eco-conscious message and helping couples create eco-friendly, memorable weddings.

As our wedding stationery journey continues, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to connect, inspire, and spread love, not just through stationery but in the hearts of couples and their guests.