An ipad, displaying A La KArt Creations website, placed on a sofa with paper and dried flowers
An ipad, displaying A La KArt Creations website, placed on a sofa with paper and dried flowers

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Tailored online courses and educational resources, specifically designed to empower your small product-based business to strive for success.
The founders of A La KArt Creations, Kitti and James, photographed in a stone archway.

Kitti & James

Kitti brings a wealth of experience from the realms of marketing, customer service and sales, particularly in the financial and travel industries. With a firm belief in her goals, she founded this venture in 2020, armed with the determination to leverage her knowledge and expertise to make it thrive.

James is a seasoned professional with a diverse professional journey. He's worked in an array of industries, including hospitality, entertainment, travel, retail, and the building trade. His expertise spans customer service, sales, management, coaching, and content creation.

The Power of Collaboration:

Together, Kitti and James have harnessed their combined experience to craft courses and educational content aimed at inspiring and empowering others to achieve their business aspirations.

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7 Strategies to Prevent Procrastination in Small Businesses

7 Strategies to Prevent Procrastination in Small Businesses

Procrastination is a common challenge faced by small business owners. With numerous responsibilities and tight deadlines, it's easy to succumb to the allure of delaying tasks. However, overcoming procrastination is crucial for productivity and success...

Kitti, the founder of A La KArt Creations, is sat in a wooded area at the base of a tree, surrounded by leaves.

Imposter Syndrome: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Maintain Confidence

Do you often feel like you’re faking it and fear you will be discovered as a fraud, despite your skills and accomplishments? If you answered yes to those questions. It is very possible that you suffer from imposter syndrome...

A La KArt Creations website is shown on a laptop, with flowers in the background

The Power of Advertising

Businesses now have more opportunities to reach their target audiences than ever before thanks to digital marketing. Here we'll discuss the benefits of social media advertising for your business and why it's essential...

The Customer Journey

We are dedicated to providing top-tier customer service, consistently, because we understand the importance of every interaction.

Enhancing Customer Journeys:
Your customers' experiences matter to us. We make it our mission to handle all interactions with professionalism and courtesy to ensure that your brand shines.

Every Client is Valued:
We see each client as a valuable relationship, not just a transaction. Our aim is to exceed their expectations and foster a foundation built on trust and respect.

Passionate About Your Success:
We are genuinely passionate about what we do, and we want to help your small product-based business thrive. We're here to support you in all aspects of your journey.

In all that we do, we're committed to making it great for you and your business."


We are well aware of the unique challenges that small product-based businesses face. That's precisely why teaming up with us is the right move for your business.

Guidance Every Step of the Way:
Whether you're in search of products or services, we are here to streamline the entire process for you. Our expert guidance ensures that every decision you make is an informed one that directly benefits your business.

Tailored Solutions:
We acknowledge that no two product-based businesses are identical. Therefore, we invest time in understanding your unique needs and crafting services that match them perfectly. Expect solutions meticulously designed to bolster your growth and ensure your success.

Accessible Assistance:
Have questions or need information? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We're just a call or email away. Our commitment to your success extends beyond conventional business hours.